19: Roy Biggins Has a Big Gay Son


“There’s Always Room for Cello” (December 14, 1990)

What smells like Wario + Newman + extra farts? It’s Roy Biggins, the chuckling villain of Wings, an NBC sitcom that is a solid B but which has a reputation for being a C minus. In the second season, Roy’s son came out and Roy was given — and totally biffed — a chance to act like a grown-up. Jonathan Bradley Welch, host of that *other* gay TV podcast, A Special Presentation, is on hand to discuss growing up in Massachusetts, the charms of Crystal Bernard and which Hackett brother is hotter.

Check out A Love Bizarre, Los Angeles’ new queer art space.

Listen to Jonathan’s gay TV podcast, A Special Presentation, and listen to the episode Drew did about Animaniacs.


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