The Gayest Golden Girls Episodes Ever


Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia aren’t just the fairy TV godmothers we all want and deserve. They’re also a template for gays who go out into the world and find their chosen families. And while there’s a lot for gay audiences in any episode, we wanted to talk about the three installments that are explicitly queer: the one where Dorothy’s friend is a lesbian and the two about Blanche’s gay brother, Clayton.

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“Isn't It Romantic?”

An award-winning Golden Girls outing does in the mid-1980s what many '90s sitcoms failed to do by introducing a nuanced LGBT character who's not just a prop for the hetero regulars. Lois Nettleton scored an Emmy nom for her turn as Dorothy's friend Jean, who falls for Rose and who is introduced to the audience as being 100 percent comfortable with her sexuality. Everyone else? Not so much. Actor and comedian Tony Rodriguez joins Glen and Drew to talk about why this is one of the best gay episodes of TV ever.

“Scared Straight”

When Blanche’s brother comes over and comes out, Blanche shows that southern hospitality has its limits. It’s a classic story about homosexuality being accepted — but only to an extent. Tony Rodriguez joins Glen and Drew to talk about the best-ever gay-focused episode of a sitcom to also have a B plot about a death premonition dream.

“Sister of the Bride”

The Clayton Hollingsworth story comes to an end with an episode about same-sex marriage before even the term “commitment ceremony” came into the popular lexicon. Tony Rodriguez joins us to discuss the ways that this episode shows how The Golden Girls was ahead of its time in so many ways, “Ah so” notwithstanding.


“The Engagement”

The pilot to Golden Girls features a fifth roommate who did not make it into the rest of the series: Coco the gay live-in cook, played by Charles Levin. The actor recently died, and in part because it’s timely and in part because Drew feels bad about his jokes that Coco was lost at sea, our first off-season episode is a Coco-centric look at this first-ever Golden Girls.


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